Jodan Daisu doesn't need to fight. His work ethic beats himself up enough as it is.

Jodan Daisu Loves the People

Jodan Daisu sometimes comes off as sharp, edgy; and cuts deep with words the things he fist wishes to do to your face. Jodan Daisu wants to punchline you in the face. This does not make me a misanthrope. I love people- I just hate the things they say. Sorry for this hostility, this verbal abuse- but I am only Japanese sorry and not worldly sorry for my word combinations, only Japanese sorry for causing you grief. Just know I love you- especially when you're not talking- fewer chances you might say something really fucking stupid.

Politics is the Fine Art of Barbarity

We have to accept that politics is the fine art of barbarity. We celebrate those who compose the best wars. We elect those who paint the best picture. We trust those whose policies come off most as jokes.

We should just face it. Politics is the fine arts of barbarity. Take World War II, for example, Joesph Stalin is kinda like the da Vinci of Mass Murder and the Holocaust it's Sistine Chapel. Hate me for saying that but I didn't rise up to political power and slaughter my own people.

When the first Europeans landed on the shores of Japan. They have mocked them for being so stinky. The Japanese bathed every day but the Europeans only once every couple of months. No wonder why the church called their seat pews- because you didn't have to fart in church- you already had a compound of body oils and sweat deposits to linger for days after service. Imagine the smell of Sunday service during a hot summer mourning.

My friend, a Jesuit Time Travelling Renaissance Man told me the r…

8 Virtues of Samurai Joke Telling

Rectitude. I strike with comedic wordplay when I feel that justice must be executed. I wait like Ninja to strike with precision at the right moment the right dirty joke about the emperor. Courage. It takes balls of Japanese steel and the sword to back it up with when you make jokey-ru in Feudal Japan especially since they don't exist and if they did, it would be illegal.Mercy. I exact my vengeance on only those with that stuck up better than you disposition. And even then, I mock from my heart. Politeness. I always ask kindly if you would like to hear a super rude dirty racist joke about the local warlord. Then I tell joke. Wait for refrained laughter. And apologise as I walk away into the foggy woods.Honesty. I tell sincere jokes based only on honesty. I don't need to exaggerate the gayness of the local Shogunate, they do a fine job enough as it is. Honor. People say my jokes lack honor. I say your warlord lacks honor but you'd rather shoot the messenger than hearing abou…

Big Wave, Haiku

Big wave gathers speed
towers higher than mountain
faster we paddle.

The Time I got a Job Working Deep in the Woods

My wife keeps nagging me to get a job so I take the mysterious job nobody wants. I mean how hard can it be? I'm a Ronin. I've had to eat snails before. So I get the job. My wife is happy. We make love. I wake up to find my clothes washed and sword polished. Sneaky Ninja Bitch!

I got to work. My first day at the job. I walk up to the merchant knocking on my door. It's not even sunrise yet. He points to a cart full of rations and basic goods. He tells me to take it deep in the woods where the roads cross. I grab the cart. He grabs my hand and tells me to make it back into town before nightfall. I tell him I can handle a few bandits and go on my merry way. I look back to see him frown as he shook his head.

I set up shop on the side of the road like where he tells me. Business is slow at first. But as midday broke, so did business and I lost track of time. It was sundown as I packed up shop and made my way back towards town.

I didn't get on the road until the night was in…